Department of Computer Science

Department of Computer Science

The rapid pace of advancement within the field of computer science is evident by the change of the very name of the field from Information Technology (IT) to Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Keeping in view these persistently evolving technology trends, Northern Port University's Departmentof Computer Science updates and evolves its degree, diploma and certificate programs across its, also increasing list of, 7 majors. By offering professionals with computer expertise and, engaging in research in basic and advanced modes, majors like Software Engineering, Network Management, Web Development, Multimedia and Animation ensure students' success in their professional lives.

Students occupied with work and expecting to pursue distance education can opt in for our online university degree program. To get a hands-on experience in our unique online classroom environment, students can enroll for our online degree and still have the flexibility of an independent schedule.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor, in its Occupational Handbook 2010-11 Edition, which forecasts the growth of the job market until 2018, projects that two of the largest growing jobs are from the field of Computer Science. umulatively, this handbook also projects that the largest number of new jobs will be from the Computer Science field, including Network Systems, Data Communications, Software Engineers and Applications Engineers. Northern Port University offers its students enhanced employment prospects, with an emphasis on the computation of specific results through its vast offering in the online university Degree programs.

Offering lucrative career opportunities, this Departmentsatisfies an ever growing demand for new graduates in the industry. To help our current and potential students, we allow them to select their major after their admission as well. However, if you are interested in a particular major, you may select it from the list given on the right side.


  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Web Development
  • Network Management
  • Multimedia and Animation
  • Software Engineering
Exclusive Majors

  • Telecommunications

Programs offered under Computer Science

Degree Programs
  • Associate Degree (AS)
  • Associate-to-Bachelor's Degree (BS)
  • High School Diploma-to-Bachelor's Degree (BS
  • Masters Degree (MS)
  • Doctorate Degree (DCS)
  • Doctorate Degree (PhD)

Diploma Programs
  • Undergraduate Diploma in Computer Sciences
  • Graduate Diploma in Computer Sciences

Certificate Programs
  • Course Certificate in Business and Management
  • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Business and Management
  • Course Certificate in Computer Sciences
  • Undergraduate Course Certificate in Computer Sciences
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Credit Transfer

If you have already studied some courses of university degree and have its transcript, we will accept the credit hours of those courses and reduce the equivalent from your program. So you won't have to study that course again. This will reduce both your tuition and time required to complete your education. Read more


Prior Learning
You can get credits for your prior learning. If you have strong command in some courses (through your work experience, prior knowledge or trainings, etc.) you can get their credits! So you won't have to study that course and both your tuition and time required will be reduced.