Departments & Majors

Departments and Majors

Northern Port University, in the pursuit of finding the leaders of tomorrow, is diligent in offering its students the most versatile, current and persistently evolving programs.

Under the guidance of our mission, all of our sixteen schools are in the constant process of updating and evolving our curriculum, in order to give their students the greatest return on their educational investments.

Six, of these sixteen, schools offer exclusive programs that no other online university offers to its students.

Our Featured Departments

Law and Legal Studies

Understanding the need for practical skills, this skills creates leaders by imparting knowledge, through qualification and practice.

Business and Management

Focused at creating business leaders of tomorrow, each of the 17 majors (4 exclusive) offered convert students into business visionaries for the world.


Teaching the art of education to its students, this department is committed to transformaing its students into the crafters of leaders.

Computer Science

Sharpening the skills of its students, each of the 7 majors (1 Exclusive) creates a foresight for changing technologies and problem solving abilities.

Our Renowned Departments


Internalizing the state of technology in order to gather resources, this department creates visionary leaders of tomorrow.

Performing Arts

Creating specialists of performance arts, this school is dedicated to creating creativity in each one of its students.

Occupational Safety and Fire Sciences

Incorporates the knowledge of standards, codes, and regulations of health, safety and environment on its students.

Social Sciences

Thirsting for more knowledge about the fabric of society, this school engraves a superior understanding on its students.

Other Departments

Northern Port is one of the most comprehensive online universities, which offers over 70 majors from 16 different departments of studies. Following is a list of our complete departments.


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Credit Transfer

If you have already studied some courses of university degree and have its transcript, we will accept the credit hours of those courses and reduce the equivalent from your program. So you won't have to study that course again. This will reduce both your tuition and time required to complete your education. Read more


Prior Learning
You can get credits for your prior learning. If you have strong command in some courses (through your work experience, prior knowledge or trainings, etc.) you can get their credits! So you won't have to study that course and both your tuition and time required will be reduced.