What is Northern Port Mission?
Northern Port University offers a range of majors in business and management, enabling students to specialize in the field of their own choice. Our accredited online degrees are accredited and taught by skilled and learned teachers who are renowned professionals in their areas of expertise. The course outlines of all of the degree programs are designed to meet the growing academic and professional demands of students. Study with us to learn diversified skills in communication, reasoning and management and become a leader in your field.

Is Northern Port University Accredited? And from where has it received its accreditation?
Every single program Northern Port University offers have been accredited by UAC Accreditation. The UAC Accreditation is an autonomous and globally renowned accrediting body that accredits international online universities Learn more.

What is Northern Port's central telephone number and mailing address?

Our Toll Free Number is
You can also email us at

Tuition & Financial Aid

What does it cost to attend Northern Port University?
Northern Port University is amongst the cost friendly sources of degree levels courses. Actual tuition can differ, depending on financial aid, the use of our fee payment options, credit transfers and other factors. Learn more about Scholarship Programme

What are the University tuition fees?
The sole mission of Northern Port University is to make affordable yet best quality education available to everyone at corner of the globe. Northern Port University has the lowest tuition fees of all top accredited on-line universities. Furthermore Northern Port has various fee payment options, and its own financial aid program to make student finance even easier to take care off. View Tuition fees

I have heard that Northern Port offers financial aid through its scholarship program?
Northern Port Scholarship covers up to 80% of your entire tuition fee, allowing you to complete your program in as less as $ 16,999. The scholarship is extended to all categories of students having competent academic and work profiles. To learn more details about the financial aid program, click here.

What is the deadline for applying for Northern Port Scholarship Program?
Students can apply for the scholarship all around the year.

Credit Transfer

How Do I Transfer To Northern Port University?
Northern Port University has a very detailed and comprehensive Credit Transfer & Previous Learning policy. If a candidate already possesses credits appropriate to their education, Northern Port will accept these credit hours and reduce the equal from the program they apply for. All transcripts, course work and test scores received from regionally, nationally or globally accredited and / or renowned institutions will be considered for transfer credit. Information on transferring to Northern Port from another institution can be found at.

To learn more about our credit transfer policy you can contact our student advisor at or have a live chat with them by clicking here.

What about my Prior learning and experience?

You can easily earn credits for the courses that match your professional experience.
Professional training, such as seminars, workshops and training courses provided by employers are eligible for PLA. Licenses, certificates and transcripts from colleges and institutions are also eligible.

Admission & Enrollment

When will/can I start at University?
Immediately. If you take decision today and apply for the program, you can complete your program and get degree in less than a year. The Northern Port University academic programs are completely self-paced and self-study. There are no fixed start-date and enrolled students may take up their program as and when is convenient to them.

When do I need to apply? and What is the Application deadline?
You can enroll immediately. There is no deadline for application form submission for any academic program at Northern Port.

When do courses start?
Degree programs are fully self-paced and there are no in fixed times or entry points, semesters or terms. Northern Port students may start, pause and complete their education programs as per their convenience.

What are the University entry requirements?
There are two types of Program entry requirements:

(i) Program Specific Requirements, where the applicant Northern Port University meets the minimum academic criteria for their desired program

(ii) General Admission Requirements of work experience (where the applicant Northern Port University be currently employed, have at least one year of work experience or otherwise demonstrate their capability for enrollment) and have English proficiency

Northern Port admission procedure consists of four steps:
Northern Port's enrollment is a simple 2-step procedure. The enrollment form is submitted on-line by filling in your appropriate

• Filling out the admission formalities
• Applying for scholarship (optional)
• Applying for credit transfer (optional)
• Payment of enrollment and tuition fees

Once you pay your fees, your classrooms will be activated allowing you to complete your programs at your own pace.

Can I apply and enroll directly online?
Northern Port University only accepts on-line enrollment forms. Click here, to start with the admission procedure right away!

Are there any application or enrollment fees?
There is only a single $499 enrollment fee for the online submission of the enrollment form. All other fees at the time of your admission including the Technology, Admissions and even the first course fee are waived as Northern Port University aims to increase accessibility to education, to all students regardless of financial constraints. Read Admissions procedure

What happens after I submit my Enrollment form, how long does it take for a decision to be made? and When will I know if I'm accepted?
At Northern Port University every student can start their education right away, upon submitting the enrollment form and paying the tuition fees. You do not have to wait for any admission evaluation decision to start your studies.

Are there international students at Northern Port University ?
Northern Port University itself is a fully international University that has students from many different countries. Northern Port's ease & flexibility, low cost, quickness and quality of education make it the primary choice amongst students from across the globe.

Online Learning

Do students need a computer?
The whole method of study at Northern Port University is very easy. Students only need access to a computer with an internet connection for when they want to access their dedicated on-line student's area and when they want to start a course exam. Reference materials may be studied at their own pace, without a computer.

I'm not that tech-savvy what are the Technical requirements?
Our academic procedure is very easy. If you can use this website, you can easily study from Northern Port University . There is very limited technological know-how required to take-part in a Northern Port program and all student activities are designed to be simple and easy-to-use. If you know general computer and internet use, you can successfully complete any program. You can also view the demo of our academic procedure.

Is there any type of service to help students deal with academic or other difficulties?
Yes our academic consultants provide strong student and alumni support. You may discuss with them any and all of your issues or problems concerning your program.

For free student consultancy you may contact our student advisors at or have a live chat with them by clicking here.

I am registered Northern Port Student can I access timetables, exam information etc. on line?
You may view full program, exam and other information though your personalized student area. Go to your Student Area.

Is Northern Port semester or quarter based?
All Northern Port University academic Programs are fully flexible and self-paced and there are no in fixed times, semesters or terms. Northern Port students may start, pause and complete their education programs as per their convenience.

How often will I have to attend University?
All of the programs of Northern Port are self-paced, allowing you to complete the program at your own convenience.

Where should I go for other technical assistance?
For technical issues, you may contact our student advisors at or have a live chat with them by clicking here.

Media & Business

How can I contact the University and / or its Press Office?
Contact details for the University are available from our website. In the initial instance, the Information Centre will advise you who to contact. View contact information

Where I can read the University's latest news?
All the latest Northern Port related news is posted on our website in the News and resources section. View news and resources

I am trying to obtain confirmation that someone is a student/graduate of the University – who can help?
You can use our Student / graduate verification form, which provides you instant on-line verification of a Student's enrollment or graduation from Northern Port. Northern Port also issues official Original letters for Enrollment Verification, Credential Verification, Credential Verification for Employers and Student ID Cards. You may check for any of these documents. Unofficial information will not be disclosed as students/graduates are protected by data protection laws. View Student Verification Page

Where can I obtain information about University events?
All University related topics and notice appear on our News and resources pages. View news and resources

I would like to offer the University a service – who should I contact?
In the initial instance, the Information Centre will advise you who to contact. View contact information

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Credit Transfer

If you have already studied some courses of university degree and have its transcript, we will accept the credit hours of those courses and reduce the equivalent from your program. So you won't have to study that course again. This will reduce both your tuition and time required to complete your education. Read more


Prior Learning
You can get credits for your prior learning. If you have strong command in some courses (through your work experience, prior knowledge or trainings, etc.) you can get their credits! So you won't have to study that course and both your tuition and time required will be reduced.